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DJZII - record producer and DJ from Moscow. Over the past few years, he has been a regular participant in biggest parties such as “Russian Style”, “RE:FLEX”, “Lager”, “Friends and Family”, etc.

DJZII is the host of the “Keep It Real” radio show on “STUDIO21” and the frontman of the Russian DJ community UPPERCUTS. Tracks produced by the musician are used for Mercedes-Benz ads and played at various music events.

DJZII is a resident of the famous Moscow night club "Secret Room" and the "Lager" party. Participant of the "Tinkoff Rosafest 2020" and the "STUDIO21 X Adidas" event.

DJZII is the representative of the new generation of DJs, which adds to his sets of eccentricity, insane energy and makes his technique flawless.

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