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Announcing Zavedy’s Electrifying New Release “Get It” on Lowdown Recordings

We are thrilled to announce the latest release from Lowdown Recordings, featuring the electrifying new single "Get It" by the immensely talented DJ and producer, Zavedy. This dynamic Dance/House track is set to light up dance floors around the world with its soothing vocals, irresistible bassline, and infectious groove.

"Get It" marks a significant milestone for Lowdown Recordings as we embark on an exciting new chapter. Under the visionary leadership of our founder, Ivan Lake, we are shifting our focus to club records, with a renewed dedication to creating tracks that are "MADE FOR THE CLUB." This new direction promises to deliver high-energy, dancefloor-ready anthems that resonate with club-goers and DJs alike.

Ivan Lake, a veteran in the music industry, has always had a keen ear for groundbreaking sounds. His decision to steer Lowdown Recordings towards club-centric music is a testament to his commitment to keeping the label at the forefront of the dance music scene. This new era will see Lowdown Recordings championing tracks that are designed to bring people together on the dance floor, fostering a sense of community and euphoria that only club music can create.

With the release of "Get It," we are setting the stage for a series of innovative and captivating releases that will define the sound of the future. Our roster of talented artists is ready to unleash a wave of new music that will keep the energy high and the vibes unforgettable.

We invite you to join us in celebrating this new era of Lowdown Recordings. Experience the magic of Zavedy's "Get It" and stay tuned for more releases that are guaranteed to set the club scene on fire. Together, let’s create memories on the dance floor that will last a lifetime.


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