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Introducing Ivan Lake’s Latest Release: “Every Night” on Lowdown Recordings

Get ready to move to the electrifying beats of Tech House as Spanish DJ and producer Ivan Lake unveils his latest masterpiece, "Every Night," on Lowdown Recordings. This track promises to set dance floors ablaze with its super powerful bassline and irresistible groove, making it a must-have for any club DJ's playlist.

"Every Night" is a testament to Ivan Lake’s prowess in crafting infectious Tech House rhythms that captivate and energize. Following his recent hits "Believe" and "Your Love," this new release showcases his evolution as an artist and a producer. The track’s pulsating bassline, combined with its driving beat and intricate layers, creates an immersive experience that will keep club-goers dancing until the early hours.

Ivan Lake, the visionary behind Lowdown Recordings, is spearheading a new era for the label. With "Every Night" marking the beginning of this exciting chapter, Lowdown Recordings is set to focus exclusively on delivering high-quality club records. The theme "MADE FOR THE CLUB" embodies this new direction, emphasizing tracks that are designed to dominate dance floors and bring unparalleled energy to the nightlife scene.

As Lowdown Recordings embarks on this new journey, we invite you to join us in celebrating the launch of "Every Night" and the fresh, club-focused direction of the label. Stay tuned for more releases that will define the sound of the dance floor and keep the beats pumping.

"Every Night" by Ivan Lake is now available on all major streaming platforms and digital music stores. Make sure to follow Ivan Lake and Lowdown Recordings on social media for the latest updates, upcoming releases, and exclusive content.


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