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Tell us about your story and how you started producing music.

Oh, I went to a military music school, played in a band. After some time, I became interested in writing music for the orchestra and studied the Sibelius program. I quickly got tired of it and wanted to write my own electronic music. For a very long time, I couldn't decide which style I like to write music in more. I was looking for myself in trap, dubstep, but then I really started to like tech-house and I started to try myself in this style of music. These were pretty good works, I don't think Fisher would have played them, but I played them sometimes. Then at some point, I started to like the dirty sound of house and I realized that I had to understand how this is achieved, I really liked this groove and so everything went off.

What has been your biggest inspiration?


What DAW do you use to produce?


What are your top 5 plug-ins in your projects?

Serum, Shaperbox, Operator, ValhallaRoom, Rbass

What are you looking for in a track when it comes to playing it as a DJ?

First of all, I pay attention to the drums, they should make me shake my head while I sit in my chair. Then I listen to the drop, if I like it, then 90% that it will be in my playlist.

How many tracks are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on two remixes, two tracks and one song for the series.

How is your creative process? Do you start with a beat and then work on melodies? Opposite? Tell us the secret.

There is no secret. The more time you spend on music the more professional you become.

What is your current music production setup?

MacBook Pro 15, UAD Apollo Twin MKII, Audio Technica M50X

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