Q&A - Marigold

Tell us about your story and how you started producing music.

As with most people, big dreams and visions got me halfway. Since 2015 I have been messing around with music production, and I’ve really gotten invested in electronic music around 2018. Ever since it’s been growth, as I believe with every project I start I develop that little bit more. My ideas of music production at my humble beginnings are different from now, as I seek to make this a career alongside filmmaking. Some tell me it’s too much of a hopeless hustle, I tell them that’s the plan.

What has been your biggest inspiration?

I will not deny that artists in the Electro House genre like JOYRYDE, Habstrakt, Moksi or BROHUG inspire me heavily. My sound is however not yet developed to their style, and that is not my goal, it’s more their appeal and ability to move a crowd so damn hard that speaks to me. Plainly, I inspire myself, and I am addicted to hearing my own songs on repeat and figuring out what to change. Like mentioned before, I can envision a version of myself in the future, moving crowds so damn hard.

How are you dealing with isolation?

Easy, I make more music. The world is going through a strange moment, and I empathize with those who are suffering from it, the least I can do is make more music.

What DAW do you use to produce?

FLStudio 20 has been what I have used since the beginning, I am curious to try new things out in the future, however.

What are your top 5 plug-ins in your projects?

1. Stock FL plug-ins

2. Serum

3. CamelCrusher

4. Sylenth1

5. OTT

What are you looking in a track when it comes to playing it as a DJ?

Consistent excitement, and not too much-unexpected elements, I like predictability and so does a crowd. I only mix well with extended mixes, unless I am native with the track. If possible, a short catchy element that embodies the vibe of the track at the beginning will fit in well.

How many tracks are you currently working on?<