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Can you share a bit about your journey into producing house music?

Recently I don't have much time to create music. But the thing that is important when creating a house song for me is the vibe. But it is more important too that right now we live in a bootleg world so making remixes of popular tracks can be good to share a "club version" of them helps you to create your style and you can return to life old hits too.

Tell us about yourself, what you like to do in your free time, hobbies and activities.

My dad sometimes says that I'm a hothead. When put a thing in my mind I have to do it, I really like music and creating stuff. Sometimes I like playing with design and I got something into fashion things like baggy jeans. I like music besides house like rap or hip-hop. And sometimes I associate a thing with that vibe.

Can you walk us through your creative process when starting a new track? Where do you usually begin, and how do you develop your ideas into a full-fledged song?

My process is weird, sometimes I start with a vocal or a little snippet of sound too or create sounds by myself. I'm very unpredictable myself. For me, the important thing is to transfer the vibes, be creative and be unique. Sometimes I spend time processing the sound making more sound than my ears like, in fact, the texture on a track is important and how the sound is created or processed can take any track to another world. My process changes over time, of course, you learn new things every day and things change.

Are there any specific artists or influences that have shaped your approach to producing house music?

Skrillex got me into djing and production, Bleu Clair gave me a new vision of house and Joyride the sick bass house beats and many more too. But there are tons of house artists who shaped my way of house music. Writing this right I don't have any other name in my mind about how many there are. But the important thing is having friends to make music with and that helps you to feed and create sounds tougher.

What excites you the most about being part of the Lowdown Recordings family?

That more than releasing music on a label to make money is an experience to know more house artists and their unique style. Find tons of sick house artists to share your art and make new connections too. Especially the owner Ivan Lake who is a very gentle and open person.

Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you have in the works?

Right now I'm working on things that are more "my self" and with my energy experimenting with music that I like and taking inspiration from it.

How do you see your sound evolving in the future, and what new elements or styles are you eager to explore?

As I said before I'm unpredictable but I think that with the fast way that the music industry is going up, I will explore more genres and make new stuff out of it.

What advice would you give to aspiring house music producers looking to break into the industry?

The important thing is to BE YOUR SELF. There's a lot of copy-and-paste music right here and being yourself, making tracks with the sound that you like taking inspiration from it and being unique. It is hard because music is growing fast but if you want to be remembered as an artist this is an important thing. AND REMEMBER: Create the things that you like, create your sounds and CREATE YOUR OWN MUSIC THAT COMES FROM YOU.


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